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XUBOS Sensors for the Food and Beverage Industry

TESensors OsiSense XUB0S Multimode Photoelectric Sensors

The only 18mm Multimode photoelectric sensor dedicated to the Food & Beverage Sector


OsiSense XUB0S offers a full range of diffuse, Background Suppression (BGS), polarised reflex, laser reflex and thru-beam in the 4 most popular form-factors worldwide. This major innovation gives a greater simplicity of choice, setup and maintenance management.

Manufactured with FDA approved materials, these sensors meet the demands of the aggressive environments involved with food and beverage processing environments.

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Economical, Intelligent, Versatile


Resistance to aggressive environments, robust and easy to mount

Able to handle the most demanding working environments and applications with a simple installation process.

  • Washing, removal of heavy dirt
  • Cleaning with an alkaline product
  • Rinsing off the alkaline product
  • Extracting calcium deposits using acidic product
  • Disinfecting
  • Rinsing off the disinfection product
  • Rinsing with pure water
  • For resisting high pressure and high temperature: degree of protection IP69K
  • For resisting mechanical shocks: stainless steel 304u M18 cylindrical case.
  • Background suppression up to 120mm for white, grey or black object.
  • Wide variety of brackets and cables available.

OsiSense XUB0S has been created to withstand all these operations at high pressure and high temperature.

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