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Omron K8DT Measuring & Monitoring Relays

Predictive maintenance and problem prevention for your equipment


What are K8DT Measuring and Monitoring Relays?

A voltage, current, temperature or water level can be monitored against a threshold value and either a relay or transistor output activated to signal to a PLC or other device, to prevent damage to equipment.

Do you face these problems

  1. Alarms do not occur before equipment is damaged.
  2. Protection is necessary because of poor power supply quality overseas.
  3. Preventing excessive temperature increases in heaters is necessary.
  4. Control panels for electrode-based water level control must be downsized.

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K8DT-A Motor Protection Relays

Ideal for monitoring for error trends in motors and other equipment, the K8DT-A modules can handle a wide range of applications.



  • Abnormal currents and voltages can be monitored to detect equipment deterioration.
  • To prevent motor reverse operation three phase voltage imbalances are detected to protect motors and other equipment.

Downloads:  Omron K8DT Brochure


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K8DT-TH Temperature Monitoring Relays

Ideal for prevention of excessive temperature increases in heaters.

Features Include:

  • A slim design allowing it to be added to narrow spaces.
  • Rotary switches to simplify the setting procedure.
  • A manual reset button to restart the system after confirmation of on-site safety.

Downloads:  Omron K8DT Brochure

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K8DT-LS Water Level Control

Ideal for water level detection and control in tanks such as water processing and circulation equipment.

Features Include:

  • The 17.5mm body enables control panels to be minimised.
  • Use of a transistor output eliminates worries about contact wear.
  • ON-delay timer built in to eliminate contact chatter due to ripples or waves on the water surface.

Downloads:  Omron K8DT Brochure

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