BPX is An Official Schneider IAD Partner

& The largest independent Schneider distributor in the UK

Why Does The Schneider IAD Status Matter?

This title officially recognises BPX’s dedicated support and expertise when selling, distributing, installing, and maintaining Schneider’s extensive catalogue of Factory Automation and Industrial Control products. Our commitment to providing the very best Schneider experience is second to none, it’s this reputation that has now allowed us to take advantage of the latest offers, pricing structures, and customer experience benefits that Schneider has to offer. So rest assured that whether you’re buying a pushbutton or a PLC, BPX has all of your needs covered.

To learn more about and download the BPX IAD structure, please click here.

Schneider IAD Benefits

  • Dedicated Schneider Sales Teams
  • Premium Schneider Technical Support Access
  • Exclusive Early Access Promotions For Our Customers
  • Schneider Certified External Sales Engineers
  • Competitive Pricing Packages

Expert Tech Support
And Sales Assistance

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Early Access To The
Latest Offers

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Individual Pricing

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At BPX we understand that our customers need to be competitive in their
markets, for us to be competitive in ours. Customers committed to partnering with
BPX and Schneider Electric will always receive the most competitive systems and solutions.


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