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The Company is BPX Electro Mechanical Co. Ltd.

All references to BPX include The Company and any other companies within the BPX Group

Customer" means the person, firm or company accessing viewing browsing or making use of the website.

Web Site" and/or Website means the Company's web site on which these Terms and Conditions appear and any part or page of it.

Data means any data information or other material contained within the website which is communicated to the Customer by or via the Website or any other electronic means.

Contract" means the contract for the sale of Goods by the Company to the Customer governed by these Terms and Conditions and any other conditions expressly referred to herein.

  • General
    • BPX is a business-to-business supplier. Goods offered for sale by BPX and this website are intended for business customers and not for the use of consumers or private individuals. If you are a consumer you should not make any purchase from this website.
    • Use of the website is subject to these Website Terms and Conditions any quotations or orders made using this website are subject to these terms and to BPX Terms and Conditions of Sale prevailing at the time of order.
    • No binding contract is created until an order is accepted by BPX by sending an e-mail confirming such acceptance and all prior correspondence or oral communications are to be regarded as superseded and not forming part of the Contract or Terms and Conditions.
    • No agent or salesman of the Company has authority to give any guarantee or warranty on behalf of the Company or to transact business other than on the (un-amended) terms of these Conditions.
    • The Data including all drawings, descriptive matter, price lists or advertisements, whether or not supplied with a quotation or tender are approximate only and intended merely to give a general idea of the Goods described therein and shall not form part of the Contract.
    • Neither BPX nor its agents or representatives make any representation or give any warranty, either express or implied, that the Data is accurate, up to date or fit for any purpose at the time it is accessed or otherwise and BPX shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including without limitation for loss of profit or business), costs, expenses or other claims for consequential compensation whatsoever (and whether caused by the negligence of BPX, its employees or agents or otherwise) which arise out of or in connection with the use or inability to use the Data, and/or the Website (including any material contained in it) or from any action or decision taken as a result of using the Data, and/or  the Website (including any material contained in it.
  • Pricing
    • The price of Goods shall subject to Clauses 2.b and 2.c be the price appearing on the Web Site on the date of receipt of the Customer's order unless a price has otherwise been confirmed in writing to the Customer by the Company
    • Prices quoted are subject to revision for errors and omissions at any time.
    • If there shall be any increase in the manufacturers list price for any Goods that become the subject of a Contract between the Company and the Customer before the Company is able to make delivery to the Customer the price for such Goods shall be adjusted to the manufacturer’s list price then prevailing.
    • The price of the Goods shall be subject to the addition of the applicable delivery prices as indicated on the Web Site, Value Added Tax and other applicable taxes and the cost of any special packing required by the Customer.
    • Any increase in costs or expenses arising from any act or omission or any special requirements of the Customer including production of appropriate certification or any modifications made at the Customer's request may, at the Company's option, be charged to the Customer.
    • No binding contract is created until an order is accepted by the Company by sending an e-mail confirming such acceptance and all prior correspondence or oral communications are to be regarded as superseded and not forming part of the Contract or Conditions. Prices quoted are subject to revision for errors and omissions at any time.
    • BPX reserves the right to determine and impose a credit limit upon the Customer from time to time in respect of the supply of goods and/or services by BPX to the Customer.
  • Access to the Website
    • BPX may suspend or terminate access to the website without notice if the Customer commits a breach of or default of any term of the Contract, the Website Terms or Terms and Conditions of Sale and/or the Customer enters into liquidation or any arrangement or composition with its creditors or if a receiver or administrator or administrative receiver is appointed against any of its assets or business or in the case of an individual is subject to any bankruptcy proceedings.
    • BPX may suspend or withdraw the Website or any component of the Website at any time (whether generally or only in relation to the Customer) without liability to the Customer. 
    • BPX may alter the Passwords (or any part of them) from time to time upon reasonable notice being given to the Customer.  The Passwords are for the use of the Customer only are not transferable and shall be kept strictly confidential.  The Customer agrees to indemnify BPX against all loss claims demands damages or expenses incurred by, made against or paid by BPX or any company in the same group as BPX as a result of any and all use of the Password by any third party where BPX has not expressly agreed to such use in writing prior to such use taking place.  The Customer will be responsible for all access to and use of the Website or other activities (whether authorised by the Customer or otherwise) which occur under any of the Customer's Passwords. 
    • The Customer shall ensure that such of its employees as from time to time have access to the Website comply with these Website Terms and only use the Website on behalf of the Customer.  The Customer is responsible for ensuring that only such authorised employees use the Website and further for ensuring that such employees only have access to and use such of the Passwords and/or parts of the Website which they are authorised to have access to or use from time to time.
    • The Customer shall notify BPX immediately if any of its employees' authority to access or use the Website has been amended or withdrawn.  If any employee who is authorised to use or access the Website ceases to be an employee of the Customer for any reason the Customer shall immediately withdraw that person's authority to access or use the Website and shall notify BPX accordingly.
    • Except with the prior written consent of BPX the Customer shall not permit or assist any third party to use the Service on the Customer's behalf or otherwise.
    • BPX shall be entitled, without notice, to alter the arrangements for access to the Website and to change the content, presentation and/or facilities of the Website.
    • The Customer shall be responsible for payment of all Internet connection and utility charges.
    • BPX accepts no liability whatsoever for the inability of the Customer to access the Website for any reason nor for the incompatibility of any kind between the Customer’s equipment and the Website.
  • Use of the Website
    • The Website and any part or page of it shall be used by the Customer solely for its internal business use and shall not be used otherwise save with the prior written consent of BPX upon such terms and conditions as BPX may from time to time require.  The Data and extracts of it may be displayed upon Customer’s computer screen and the Customer may also print or download a single copy of such extracts and may copy such extracts onto disk or other storage media provided always that such copies may only be used to facilitate subsequent viewing by the Customer or to print a single copy onto paper for such internal business use.
    • All copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights in and on this website are vested in BPX or its licensors if any. All rights are reserved.

      Save where expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions reproduction of part or all of the contents of this website in any form is prohibited other than for personal use or internal business use only and the website any part of the website or any page of the website may not be recopied and shared with a third party. All copyright notices in the original material must be retained. This website may not modified, disassembled, decompiled or reverse engineered in any way for any commercial purpose.

      The permission to recopy for personal and internal business use does not allow for incorporation of material or any part of it in any other web-site, electronic retrieval system, publication or any other work (whether hard copy, electronic or otherwise). BPX is not responsible for any file downloads.
    • The Customer will not make any representation or do any act which may be taken to indicate that it has any right title or interest in or to the ownership or use of any of the Data except under the terms of the Contract, and acknowledges that nothing contained in the Contract shall give the Customer any right, title or interest in or to the Data save as granted hereby.
    • The Customer is only permitted to access and use Customer Account Data which relates directly and solely to the Customer and its account with BPX.  The Customer, either acting on its own behalf or by a third party, must not, and must not attempt to, access, use, download, copy, disclose or otherwise disseminate any Customer Account Data which either does not relate directly and solely to the Customer and it's accounts with BPX or relates to a third party and its account with BPX and in any event must treat any such third party's Customer Account Data as confidential.
    • If the Customer becomes aware that any other person, firm or company alleges that the Service and/or the Data (or use of either of them) infringes any rights of another party the Customer shall immediately give BPX full particulars in writing thereof and shall make no comment or admission to any third party in respect thereof.
    • BPX shall have the conduct of all proceedings relating to all and any intellectual property rights in the Website and shall in its sole discretion decide what action if any to take in respect of any infringement or alleged infringement of such rights or any other claim or counterclaim brought or threatened in respect of such rights. 
    • The Customer will at the request of BPX give full co-operation to BPX in any action, claim or proceedings brought or threatened in respect of any intellectual property rights in the Service and/or the Data.
    • BPX does not warrant that functions, materials and information available on this website (and/or linked to this website) will be uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected, or that this website or its server are free of viruses or bugs and other items of a destructive nature. The website user is responsible for implementing sufficient procedures and virus checks (including anti-virus and other security checks) to satisfy particular requirements for the accuracy and security of the data input and output.
    • The Customer shall indemnify BPX against all loss claims demands damages or expenses incurred by, made against or paid by BPX or any company in the same group as BPX as a result of any breach by the Customer of these Terms and Conditions including without limitation any infringement by the Customer of any intellectual property right of BPX and/or a third party and any breach by the Customer of its obligations contained within these terms.
  • Variance, Waiver and Construction
    • BPX shall be entitled to vary or amend these Terms and Conditions by giving the Customer written notice (whether personally or generally by way of the Website or otherwise) at any time. These terms should be checked regularly. Continued use of this website will be deemed acceptance of the updated or amended terms.
    • Paragraph headings are for ease of reference and do not form part of these Terms and Conditions.
    • No waiver by BPX of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer shall be considered a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.
    • If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part the validity of the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected thereby./li>
    • Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit or exclude BPX’s statutory liability for death or personal injury.
    • These Terms and Conditions will apply to the use of the Website notwithstanding that the Customer has not signed the acknowledgement of receipt.
    • The Contract (including without limitation its interpretation) shall be governed by the laws of England and each party consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.